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Senior Java Web Application (JD37)

Date Posted: May 06, 2019
Monthly Salary: 800 USD - 1800 USD

Job Description

• Proposing a development solution with the customer;
• Proposing architecture, the solution to the team and/or review, control solution of members.
• Directing the project team in essential work tasks of software development (e.g., requirement definition, software design, implementation, testing);
• Accountable for the success of the project in terms of Quality, Cost and Delivery;
• Accountable for continuously discovering, evaluating and implementing new technologies/process to optimize development efficiency or improve product quality;


• Conduct training & coaching junior members in software engineering development if required.

Your Skills and Experience

• Bachelor degree or equivalent in Electronics & Telecommunication, Computer Science, Information Technology or related fields.
• At least 3 – 5 years’ working experience in software development, in which, at least 3 years in web development.
Required Knowledge/Skills and Experience
Technical Skill
• Expert knowledge at Java, Java Web development (knowledge and/or experience about cloud technique, database is an advantage).
• Understands and practical experience about software design principle & design patterns.
• Firm knowledge at software engineering (from the requirement, software design, implementation & testing)
Management Skill
• Understanding/experiences in management activities is an advantage.
Personality/Soft Skills
• Team working, open-minded, long-term commitment & self-motivated;
• Very good interpersonal and communication skills with customers and project members;
• Adapt quickly with a new domain, ready to work & study new technologies;
• Able to work under high pressure.
Communication Language
• Fluent communication using English is a must (TOEIC 600 or higher);
• Japanese: motivation to learn Japanese. JLPT N3 or higher is a plus.

Why You'll Love Working Here

Why Join Us?
Our philosophy of development is Culture Blending. TSDV is merging (i) Japanese advantage of integration knowledge and rigorous quality mindset with (ii) Vietnamese advantage of the excellent capability and rapid understanding. As a result, we could develop software with a breakthrough in Quality and Productivity and we could inherit and accumulate Toshiba knowledge. 
Joining TSDV as a software engineer, you have great chances to experience:

  • Full-stack software engineer model
TSDV software engineers should be ready to involve full phase software development process: from requirement analysis, design, coding to delivery phase. We target to develop full-stack software engineers who are not only able to implement source code, but also have skills of how to correctly catch up customer requirements, how to make good design & how to assure the software quality as well. To prepare for that, the comprehensive training program will be provided along with a member’s career path.
  • Variety of software development technologies in different software layers & industrial business domains
Toshiba is a big corporation which has been developing our business in several system domains. In each domain, the software is embedded in a variety of layers in the software stack, from firmware for one microprocessor to cloud solution of integrated systems.
Therefore, if you are a challenge seeker in work, TSDV can provide you many chances (& challenges as well) to work and study in not only different types of software development technologies but also different system domain know-how.
As an in-house company of Toshiba corporate, TSDV can touch into the core technologies of Toshiba in different domains. Therefore, you have chances to study and work on cutting-edge technologies to develop new things. This is almost impossible for you to get such chances in an outsourcing company.
  • The comprehensive &professional software development process
TSDV is one of a few software companies in Vietnam who get CMMI Level 5, the highest level of process maturity for software engineering. This promotes continuously improved & quantitative management. To gain such a certification, we have had 10-years non-stopping experiences in building up the unique quality process system and sketch out quality mindset to each TSDV member. In such a working environment, you will not only grow your technical skills but be mature in your professional working style as well, ready for any career path in the future.
  • Plentiful chances to work and study abroad
TSDV has close cooperation with Toshiba Japan in training & exchanging talented engineers. We provide several chances for good potential engineers to work and study abroad:
- Long term stay in Japan from 1 to 3 years to capture domain know-how
- Attending international conferences in USA, EU and Japan, regarding Open Source Software, LSI and AI
- Frequent chance to go business trip to foreign countries, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and India
- For leader class, we have been sending our leaders to Toshiba Global Management Training held in Singapore, Japan and USA
  • The supportive, friendly & fair working environment in which everyone has equal chances of being developed
Keeping in mind that “people” are key to the company success, TSDV is continuously improving our working environment in which “people” is considered first in any policy; everyone has equal chances of being developed:
- We are proud of our transparent & comprehensive employee performance evaluation system, which is one of the key factors to keep members’ satisfaction.
- In TSDV, you need not care about your personal relationship with your boss to survive, but your teamwork spirit. Although roles & responsibilities of a member in a team are defined clearly, there is no gap between leaders and members in daily working activities: we work & learn together side by side to overcome difficulties, and willing to support each other whenever we can.
- In TSDV, you are encouraged to openly share your opinions to different levels of management, even to the General Director.
  •  Competitive benefit
- High Remuneration Package (up to 15 months salary) and Full Social, Medical & Unemployment Insurance
- Work in well - equipped and professional IT environment and IT community;
- To be trained and/or instructed by Japanese Specialists in Vietnam as well as in Japan and others;
- Become a member of a giant corporation;
- Many opportunities to work/study core technology of Toshiba (including OJT long term in Japan) ;

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